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Lee Tuck’s fate to be decided next month

Terengganu FC midfielder Lee Andrew Tuck’s inclusion into the Malaysia national squad will be decided during a Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) comitee meeting next month.

FAM Deputy President, Datuk Wira Mohd Yusoff Mahadi, said Lee Tuck’s eagerness to don the Harimau Malaya jersey is most welcomed and that he would be an excellent addition to the current squad.

“Lee’s status is different from Sumareh (Malaysia’s first naturalised player). Lee has a consanguinity history with Malaysia, so the process should be easier.

“His situation is similar to Brendan Gan, Matthew Davies, Kiko Insa and others who have family ties with this country.

“It all depends on whether Lee wants to do it or not. But based on his recent statements, it’s clear that he would love be part of the national squad.

“So we will discuss this matter during the next meeting. We will take into consideration the views of all the members before making a decision,” he said.

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