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Lee Tuck hasn’t submitted proper documents

The Terengganu FA (PBSNT) have hit out at those claiming that they are not too keen to push for the naturalisation of midfielder Lee Tuck.

Terengganu Football Club (TFC) assistant manager Zulfadli Rozi shared that the Englishman has yet to share a few important documents that are required by the Malaysia National Registration Department.

“Actually, it’s not that the association are not pushing for this… You all need to understand the situation. It has a lot to do with the player himself. We are still waiting for a few important documents from Lee. We are more than ready to help him achieve his dream of representing the Harimau Malaya (Malaysia national squad).

“But we need to prove that his grandmother is from Malaysia. And he is still looking for the documents that can prove his heritage. He has also requested for help from his family members back in England,” said Zulfadli.

It is understood that the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) have given PBSNT and Lee Tuck till next week to present all the relevant documents or he will have to wait a while longer.

Lee Tuck is eligible to play for Malaysia under FIFA’s heritage ruling due to his maternal Malaysian grandmother.

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