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How to choose the right football boot?

There is a ton of good football boots out there, but which one is right for you? We’ve compiled a list of things for you to consider before buying boots.

Where do you play?

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The surface you’re going to be playing on is important because if you wear the wrong boot on the wrong surface, you run the risk of suffering a serious injury. There are 5 types of playing surfaces in football which means there are also 5 different boots to choose from.

  • Firm ground

Firm ground is technically natural grass that has a hard-firm base. This is the most common type of playing surface. Also, if you really have no idea and want to play it safe, choose firm ground boots as they can perform effectively on any surface.

  • Soft ground

This is the best playing surface as it is usually well-maintained. This surface has a soft yet deep base. You should only wear soft ground boots if you’re sure that the surface is soft enough for the studs to penetrate the surface.

  • Artificial ground

Artificial ground is made up of synthetic grass. It is also known as the 3G or 4G artificial pitch. Normally, artificial ground boots have far more studs than the firm ground ones because they are more densely populated on the sole.

  • Turf

Even though you’ll hardly see this kind of surface anymore, but it does exist. They are also made up of artificial grass but shallow with little cushioning to it.

  • Indoor Courts

If the surface is hard and flat, then an indoor boot is the right choice.

What is your strength?

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If you’re fast, then look for a lightweight boot made from synthetic material. Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar Jr all wear synthetic boots. If you’re playing in the heart of midfield, look for boots that use natural leather as they will give you more protection.

How to choose the perfect size?

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Make sure your boot is not too big or too small, the right way to find out your size is you should be able to fit about a baby finger width between your toe and the top of the boot. If you can feel your toe pressing against the upper part of the boot, they are definitely too tight.

Learn how to take care of your boots

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Find out how to care for your boots. If you have leather boots, you need to treat it with leather balsam once a month and as for sole plate, clean with a soft brush to remove all dirt from the studs.

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