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How science helps footballers train

Thanks to technology, footballers nowadays get to work smart! In the past footballers have to perform while wearing cotton apparel and play with a very heavy leather ball. But with the technology development in recent years, players are dressed in high-wicking, breathable kit with lightweight, synthetic balls. Find out how known footballers and famous clubs around the world adapt science in their training routine!

Juventus: Virtual reality

Juventus are using virtual reality (VR) to help players with their cognitive capabilities. Footballers just have to put on the headset and they’re transported to a pitch where they can practise their skills, improve peripheral vision and perfect their tactical judgement. Also, the software can project game-winning moves from the real world to the virtual world and players can study killer moves from different angles! Players also get to see and analyse what they did wrong when they’re playing, making it easier to improve their overall performance.

Credit: Juventus

Leicester City: Compression vests tracking system

Compression vests need to be worn on the upper body of footballers. The vests contain accelerometers, magnetometers and gyroscopes; to pick up information on impacts, jumps, changes of direction, acceleration and deceleration.  Some compression vests even come with a heart rate receiver! The technology has been a great help to coaches to calibrate each player’s training routines. This way the management will know who are likely to injure themselves from overtraining, etc.

Credit: Oh My Goal

Swansea City: Sleep pods

Since sleeping is crucial for recovery, Swansea City allow their players to snooze between training sessions. Alex Gross, Head of Sports Science at Southampton FC stated that “There is certainly a correlation between poor sleep and things like reaction times and ability to produce power.” Some footballers get sleep kits such as personalised mattresses when they stay in hotels to help them sleep better.


Manchester City: Beta-Alanine

Manchester City management believe in the power of the supplement. They use beta-alanine which is important to boost sports performance. How does it work? Muscles contain carnosine-a protein building block that is naturally produced in the body to improve muscle strength performance along with many other uses. Beta-alanine is one of the carnosine’s main ingredients. Wondering how athletes are able to run fast and repeat the same routine multiple times? It’s beta-alanine!

P.s.: Check with your doctor before you taking any supplements. International footballers are given such supplements after careful consideration from doctors.

Credit: The Vitamin Shoppe

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