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“He’s too good for Chelsea”

Football pundit and former Liverpool player, Jamie Carragher, said that Eden Hazard should be playing for Real Madrid instead of Chelsea following his performance in the game against West Ham United.

The 28-year-old scored a fantastic solo effort to give Chelsea the lead in the first half (24′) at Stamford Bridge before sealing all three points with a second in the 90th minute of game time.

Sky Sports pundits, Gary Neville and Carragher, heaped praise on the 28-year-old following the match and even claimed that he needs to move to Real Madrid in order to further improve as a player.

“I almost feel Eden (Hazard) has to play at that level (Real Madrid). He’s too good for Chelsea at this time. He’s that good a player.

“When Luis Suarez was at Liverpool and he was linked with Arsenal, me and Steven Gerrard said to him: “You’re too good for Arsenal”. With Eden at Chelsea, he’s too good. He needs a club like Real Madrid on his CV.

“He’s the best player in the league. In co-commentary, sometimes you say things you don’t mean and I’ve said before that he was the best player in the league.

“People then say: “But what about (Raheem) Sterling, (Leroy) Sane and (Mohamed) Salah. But over a four or five-year period, I think Hazard is. I don’t necessarily think the person who has scored the most goals is the best player but Hazard does things that others can’t do.

“People talk about players like Sane, (Sadio) Mane, Salah – who can score goals like that? You can’t take the ball off Hazard,” said the former Reds defender.

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