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Have you mastered these basic football skills?

These football skills might look simple and pretty basic but it is important to master them all in order to become a complete footballer.


If you don’t know how to pass the ball than you don’t know how to play football. It’s as simple as that. Passing refers to the act of moving the ball from yourself to another teammate. Learning this simple skill may require months or even years to master.


You need loads of practice to shoot a ball properly. There are few shooting methods that you can explore as you progress: Swerve shot, flying volley, side volley, half volley, full volley, and instep drive or also known as the knuckle shot.


Dribbling refers to controlling and moving the ball without losing possession. You can choose to dribble in a place or move with the ball to protect it from defenders. Once you master the art of dribbling, it’ll be easier for you to get past your opponents.

4. Goalkeeping

As the last line of defense, your only task is to keep the ball out of the net. You are allowed to use your entire body to do so however it’s not as easy as you think. Try to master the technique of handling corner kicks and learn to tackle one-on-one situations.

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