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Funniest dives in football history

Let’s find out if your favourite footballers are on the list of those who have committed the greatest sin in football: faking an injury.

6. Bo Nielsen

Credit: AGF Fans

What happened: Diego Tur flicked Nielsen’s ear and he almost suffered from hearing loss. Poor thing.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo

Credit: Md Masud Hossain

What Happened: An opponent accidentally touched Ronaldo’s shoulder and he suffered from a serious ‘face injury’ for a couple of minutes.

4. Kyle Lafferty

Credit: PhroZenAssassin

What happened: Rangers fined Lafferty after a not-so-impressive stunt he pulled off during a match between Rangers and Aberdeen in 2000.

3. Neymar Jr.

Credit: BDNews24

What happened: This incident happened during the World Cup 2018 where Neymar rolled on the floor like a two-year-old who’s refusing to go to sleep, following a tackle by a Swiss player.

2. Rivaldo


What happened: During the World Cup 2002, Rivaldo was hit somewhere on the middle part of his body but somehow ended up ‘injuring’ his face.

1.Danko Lazovic

Credit: Brian Greene

What happened: No words can do justice to this one. Let’s just watch the short clip.

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