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Footballers you don’t want to mess with

No doubt football is a game full of emotions and it’s common for footballers to lose their heads during a heated game. Check out our list of footballers you don’t want to pick a fight with.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

In the past, Ibrahimovic threatened to break Rafael Van Der Vaart legs, punched Egyptian striker Mido and was handed a two-match ban for an incident that happened while he was playing for AC Milan in a 2011 match against Bari . He also jumped and landed on Dejan Lovren’s face, then stamped his hand and the list goes on.

Credit: Major League Soccer

Eric Cantona

On January 25 1995, Cantona Kung-fu kicked Palace supporter, Matthew Simmons, during a 1-1 draw at Crystal Palace for mocking him from the front row of the stands. Just moments earlier, Cantona was already upset as he was given a red card for kicking out at Crystal Palace defender Richard Shaw. He was banned for nine months and given 120 hours of community service as a result of that incident.

Credit: Rguilan

Luis Suarez

If you’re okay with being bitten by Suarez, go pick a fight with him.

Credit: CMComps

Gennaro Gattuso

Gattuso was known for his competitive nature on the pitch and in a UEFA Champions League group stage match against Ajax in 2003, he was sent off after slapping Ajax striker Zlatan Ibrahimović in the face with the back of his hand!

Credit: RjtvFootball

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