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Footballers who suffered from life-altering illnesses

Some footballers refuse to play after getting scratch from opponent teams but these footballers continue on their game despite suffering from serious medical conditions.

David Beckham

Illness: Asthma

Back in 2009, Beckham used an inhaler when he was playing against Real Salt Lake in the MLS Cup final. His spokesperson, Simon Oliveira said that he had this condition since childhood and so far, it had no effect on his performance. Beckham never showed any signs of asthma. His diet plays a vital role in controlling his asthma.

Credit: ESPN

Edgar Davids

Illness: Glaucoma

The former Juventus player often stood out because of his dreadlocked hair and protective goggles he wore due to glaucoma. After Davids underwent eye surgery in 1999, he had to wear the protective eyewear so no foreign objects could enter his eye and caused further damage.

Credit: Greats of the game

David De Gea

Illness: Myopia

Not really a life treating illness, Myopia or commonly known as near-sightedness is a difficulty seeing distant objects clearly. Even though De Gea had this condition, his performance is incredible. When he joined Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson decided not to take any chances and booked a laser surgery for De Gea in 2012.

Credit: Eurosport

Petr Cech

Illness: Head Injury

Back in 2006, Cech collided with Reading’s Stephen Hunt, a brutal collision that wasn’t shown on TV. Cech was diagnosed with a 3rd-degree skull fracture, and the doctors described the injury as being a huge risk to his life. After a successful surgery, Cech returned 4 months later and started playing for Chelsea putting on the famous helmet.

Credit: Joe

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