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Footballers who died in plane crashes

Travelling is part of an international footballers’ job. Find out footballers who were involved in air crashes!

1.Emiliano Sala, 2019

Early this year, Sala was found dead in an air crash while he was on his way to join his new club, Cardiff City FC, after signing a RM 75 million contract. The plane went missing on radar near the Channel Islands. According to a toxicology test on the Argentine footballer, he was overexposed to carbon monoxide (CO) above the point doctors consider to be fatal!

Credit: Daily Express

2. Brazil’s Chapecoense club, 2016

While on their way to the final of the Copa Sudamericana, the Chapecoense team lost most of its players in a plane crash. Only three players survived; Defender Alan Ruschel, Helio Zemper and reserve goalkeeper Jakson Follman in the incident that happened back in 2016. The plane went missing as it approached Medellin after the pilot reported an electrical fault. It then crashed in a mountainous area.


3. Zambia’s national football team, 1993

Shortly after taking off from Libreville, Gabon, a DHC-5 Buffalo which was carrying Zambia’s national football team to Dakar crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. 25 passengers and five crew members were killed following the incident. An investigation found that the pilot had shut down the wrong engine following an engine fire.


4.Dutch footballers, 1989

As the flight was about to approach Paramaribo-Zanderij, it crashed and killed 176 of the 187 onboard. 15 Surinam born footballers died in that incident. The accident was caused by misjudgement of the crew members. They attempted to land using an inappropriate navigation signal and ignored alarms warning them of a crash.

Credit: AFP

5.Alianza Lima’s footballers,1987

A known football club in Peru, Alianza Lima was returning from a Peruvian league match in Pucallpan when the plane crash happened. The plane was carrying a total of 44 players, managers, staff, team supporters, and crew members, of whom only the pilot survived the accident! The report stated that the incident happened because of the pilot’s lack of night flying experience; he misread the emergency procedures related to the landing gear issue.

Credit: Alchetron

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