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Fitness tips Neymar Jr swears by

Neymar has been embroiled in controversies since like forever but we’ve got to admit that he is a skillful player who is in excellent shape. Check out his fitness tips!


Credit: AFP

1. Say no to junk food #nuffsaid.

2. His nutritionist advises him to pay close attention to his micronutrients: the right balance of carbohydrates and proteins and try to limit the intake of fatty foods. Learn your micronutrients needs and incorporate that in your diet.

3. Neymar was put on a hypercaloric diet which means he was eating above 2600-3300 calories per day because he was identified as almost underweight for his age when he first started. So, make sure to eat within your calorie limit.

4. During his time at Santos, Neymar shared that he had matches almost every week so he needed to be consistent with his diet to perform his best. Stay consistent and commit to your goal!



5. Since athletes like Neymar use a lot of core strength, he does plyometrics exercises to improve his overall performance. Plyometrics is an exercise that uses one’s own body weight. Burpees with a truck jump and knee leg squats are some examples of plyometrics exercises.

6. Neymar also does an alternate day full body strength training and high-intensity interval training to maintain his lean physique. If you’re just starting out, don’t be too hard on yourself. Just make sure you stick to one training and be consistent with it.

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