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Do you know about these 5 greatest football rivalries of all time? Part 2

Have you checked out the first part of this article? If you haven’t, you can do so here. Find out some of the most intense football rivalries in this article.

1.Denmark vs Sweden

Hatred between the two countries didn’t start in recent years, it dates back to 1913. In a more recent incident which happened during the 2008 European Championship qualifiers between the two countries; Sweden were awarded a penalty in the 89th-minute which caused chaos on the pitch. Markus Rosenberg and Christian Poulsen were involved in a fistfight and at the same time a fan invaded the pitch and grabbed the referee by the neck. #drama. 


2.Italy vs France

They started playing against each other in 1910. They have met several times in important stages of the World Cup and the European Championships. Before 1982, Italy hardly lost to France (17 wins, only three losses) and from 1982, French never lost a single game against Italy until the 2006 World Cup Final.

Credit: China Daily

3.England vs Scotland

England played against Scotland for the first time in 1872. They’ve met 114 times and England are in the lead with 48 wins to Scotland’s 41 to date.

Credit: Sky Sports

4.Algeria vs Egypt

In 2009, when Algeria met Egypt for the World Cup qualifying playoffs, Algeria’s team bus was attacked and players suffered from injuries. Normally rivalries between football teams only usually happens on the pitch but these two teams took it to the next level.

Credit: Algerie Focus

5.Chile vs Peru

Chile and Peru was at war in 1800’s and since then things are not good between the two. Another reason for their rivalry is caused by who invented the bicycle kick. Chile fans insisted that Ramon Unzaga, a Spanish-born player invented it whereas Peruvian claimed that it was pioneered by one of their players.

Credit: Prediksi Menang

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