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Do you have to be big and fat to be a goalie?

A goalkeeper is one of the most important positions in football as their role is to prevent the opposing team from scoring. But, why is it that when we’re in school, only our big friends got to do it? #GrowingUpAsian . Do we need to be big in order to be a goalie?


Have you seen any out of shape goalkeepers playing an international game? Exactly! So, in order to be a good goalkeeper, you can be at any size. You just need to possess these criteria:

1. Concentration

You need to be fully aware of what’s happening during the match and be ready to react whenever needed.

2. 100% effort

Always give your best when you’re saving a shot. Your team-mates will not blame you if they see you trying.

3. Don’t be a drama queen

If you fail to save a shot, don’t just lie on the ground. Get back into your position as the danger might not be over yet.

4. Communicate

Tell your team-mates what you want them to do and where they should be.

5. Practice

A good goalkeeper needs to have excellent coordination, distribution, jumping ability, solid catching, agility and fast reflexes and how do you gain all these? Practice!

6. Dive

Master diving techniques. #nuffsaid

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