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Amirizdwan hits out at PFA President

Former Malaysia national defender, Amirizdwan Taj Tajuddin, said that Perlis Football Association (PFA) President Datuk Ahmad Amizal Shaifit Ahmad Rafie has failed to deliver on his promise.

According to Amirizdwan, Datuk Amizal said that he has a budget of RM15 million for the Malaysian League this season and that he has big plans for the Northern Lions team.

Based on that, Taj made the decision to join Perlis along with a few other former Malaysia national players such as Safee Sali, Khyril Muhymeen, Badri Radzi, Azmi Muslim and Nasriq Baharom.

“Where is that RM15 million? He said that the budget is for the Perlis main squad till the end of the season. It can’t be that the money has all been spent? Or was he just conning me?

“The problem is the league has not even started and we already haven’t been paid for the last two months.

“I hope he will be able to solve this issue immediately. Don’t torment the players. He talked a big game when he was convincing us to join the team but now it seems like it was all talk and nothing else,” said Amirizdwan in an interview with Harian Metro.

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