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A glimpse of Pogba’s diet and workout routine

Diet and workout routines are some of the most important components of athletics. Find out the Manchester United star’s fitness regime.


Pogba takes his cardio seriously. He begins his daily workout routine with running outdoor or indoor depending on his work schedule. If you’re not ready to run, try walking and increase your pace slowly to get your heartbeat racing.

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Weight training

Pogba’s fitness regime is all about the balance between strength training and cardio. He lifts weights to build muscle and strength. Also, Pogba admits that regular strength training has helped him reduce the risk of injuries while playing football.

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Warm-ups and cooling off

In an interview, Pogba stressed that no matter what sport you choose to play, performing some stretches could help you for the intense workout session. For cooling off he performs simple yet effective balancing moves. Balancing is important to improve your posture and increase your resistance.

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Protein-based diet

Pogba revealed that he doesn’t eat out frequently. He would prepare his own food and focus on having protein in every meal. Before hitting the gym, Pogba would have a protein shake. He also eats fresh fruits and vegetables in between meals to combat cravings for unhealthy food.

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