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8 things you shouldn’t bring to Premier League stadiums

The following items have been banned from Premier League stadiums because they are either unsafe or unacceptable.

1.Selfie sticks


You can carry a selfie stick during a stadium tour but you cannot take one to a football game as it might cause unwanted accidents especially when it comes to celebrating goals. Arsenal claimed that their reasoning for banning selfie sticks was that “Their ground regulations prohibit any object that could be used as a weapon or could compromise public safety”.


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In case you’re wondering what a Vuvuzela is, it is basically a plastic horn. Annoying right? Especially if you’re sitting anywhere close to a person carrying one. As soon as FIFA banned vuvuzelas from all football stadiums, the Premier League decided to do the same.

3.Oversized inflatable fruit

Credit: AP

Originated by Manchester City fans, they began waving inflatable bananas in honour of striker Imre Varadi, also known as Imre Banana, during a game. Other teams started selling inflatable objects to fans ever since and the Premier League were forced to ban the objects as they were obstructing other fans view of the game.

4. Laser Equipment

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Some fans have been known to bring laser pens and point them in the eyes of footballers as a way of distracting them. No doubt it is a clever way to ensure that your team wins but it could be dangerous to the players.

5. Laptops

Credit: La Liga LowDown

The reason for banning laptops is because it is also considered as a recording device. Only members of the media are allowed to bring laptops to the stadiums.

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