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8 Footballers and their furry BFFs

Have you checked out our footballers who are BFFs on and off the pitch article? But just so you know, not all footballers have two-legged best friends, some are blessed with four-legged companions. Check out these adorable pictures of footballers and their beloved pets.

1.Alexis Sanchez

Sanchez is a proud owner of a pair of golden retrievers, named Atom and Humber. He constantly posts about them on his Instagram.

Credit: Sanchez’s Instagram

2. Marcelo Vieira

The Real Madrid defender has three beautiful furry babies, Lola (Newfoundland), Kiara (French Bulldog) and Thaig (British Bulldog).

Credit: Vieira’s Instagram

3.Mario Balotelli

Balotelli’s choice of pets is rather interesting. He has a micro pig named Ella, two dogs and a falcon. Yes, a falcon.

Credit: Balotelli’s Twitter

4. Dani Alves

Currently playing for Brazil, Alves owns a cute cat.

Credit: Alves’s Instagram

5. Antoine Griezmann

A proud owner of French bulldogs, Griezmann named them Narco and Hooki.

Credit: Weheartit

6.Neymar Jr.

Since Neymar is a big fan of Poker, he named his Golden Retriever, Poker. How creative.

Credit: Dogalize

7. Mesut Ozil

Ozil revealed that he was once afraid of dogs but he’s now a proud owner of a pug named Bulbao.

Image: Mirror

8. Harry Kane

Kane’s Labradors have been named after New England Patriots stars Tom Brady and Tavon Wilson.

Credit: Pinterest

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