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6 footballers with cool trademark goal celebrations

Footballers nowadays have their own unique way to celebrate their hard-earned goals. Here are 6 footballers with the coolest trademark goal celebrations ever!

6. Gareth Bale – 11 of hearts


It’s not just Bale, to be honest, that uses the heart-sign as a way to celebrate his goals. Footballers such as Alexandre Pato, Ferjani Sassi and Dries Mertens also celebrate their goals using this sign.

5. Luis Suarez – Wrist and fingers kiss

Credit: Duong Lee

Suarez celebrates his goals by kissing his ring finger as a tribute to his wife, Sofia before kissing a tattoo on his wrist that reads ‘Delfina’ – the name of Suarez’s eldest daughter. Awww…

4. Mario Balotelli – Muscle Flex

Credit: Getty

This Italian professional footballer sure is proud of his six-pack abs and toned arms. Almost every time he scores a goal; he would proudly flex his muscles in front of thousands of fans. Worth the yellow card?

3. Luis Nani – Backflip

Credit: Soccer Wazza

Well, we heard somewhere that Luis Nani is not that great of a footballer but he sure can entertain us with his awesome backflips whenever he scores a goal. Back in 2007, Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson told Nani to cut out his daring act of celebration as Ferguson believed that it will lead to unnecessary injuries.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo – The ‘Siii’

Credit: HasCR7

Ronaldo scores a lot of goals and we’ve all seen his goal celebrations countless times. Crowds will cheer ‘Siii’ whenever Ronaldo celebrates.

1.Daniel Sturridge – Sturridge Dance

Credit: Blinkyduck

Our favourite on the list. We sure are excited to see more of the Sturridge Dance in the future.

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