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5 worst football injuries of all time

Some injuries are minor and easy to recover from and others may even cost the players their careers. Check out these 5 terrible football injuries of all time!

5.Luc Nilis

Credit: Allsport

Luc Gilbert Cyrille Nilis or famously known as Lucky Luc, is a former Belgian football striker. His career came to an end after a horrible incident with Richard Wright, a goalkeeper from Ipswich Town.

What happened: Back in 2000, Lucky Luc broke his leg after a very rough collision with Richard Wright of Ipswich. His leg suffered an infection and at some point, the doctors feared a possible amputation. Thank god, it was later ruled out but shortly after the incident, he was forced to announce his retirement.

4.Peter Cech

Credit: Getty

Peter Cech is a Czech professional footballer. He also currently plays as a goalkeeper for Arsenal in the Premier League.

What happened: In 2006, when Cech was the goalkeeper of Chelsea, he got kneed in the head by Reading’s Stephen Hunt. He had been carried from the playing area shortly after the incident into the dressing room, where he later collapsed. He was rushed to the Royal Berkshire Hospital and underwent emergency surgery as he suffered from a depressed fracture of the skull. He has been wearing the famous head guard ever since.

3.Alf-Inge Haaland

Credit: Allsport

Haaland is former Norwegian footballer who played for English clubs Nottingham Forest, Leeds United and Manchester City as a defender or midfielder.

What happened: In April 2001, when Haaland was playing for Manchester City against Manchester United, he suffered a knee injury that ended his career altogether. Roy Keane had caused this brutal injury as an act of revenge for what happened back in 1997. Haaland had caused an injury to Keane which forced him to miss an entire season. Keane later revealed in his autobiography that he intentionally caused Haaland all that misery.

2.Patrick Battison

Credit: AFP

Patrick Battinson went straight into coma after this shocking incident!

What happened: In 1892, when Battinson was playing against West Germany, Harald Schumacher decided to hit him with some sort of martial arts-like move, leaving the French defender in a coma. Battison suffered damage to his vertebrae, a broken jaw and also lost four teeth. He returned to action after five months of rehabilitation and therapy.

1.David Busst

Credit: Mirrorpix

Currently, the Football Community manager at Football League One side Coventry City, David Busst’s career came to an end after the most horrifying incident ever happened in football history.

What happened: After clashing with Brian McClair and Denis Irwin of Manchester United in 1996, David Busst broke his leg. But it was not an ordinary broken leg injury, as he suffered an extensive compound fracture to both the tibia and fibula of his right leg. The match was even delayed for about 10 minutes to clean the blood from the pitch. Busst underwent 26 surgeries in total and was forced to retire.

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