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5 ugliest football boots in history

A new pair of football boots can surely motivate you to play better. Just make sure you don’t buy any of the boots listed below!

1.Adidas Adizero Yamamoto Limited Edition

Thank god that Adidas only produced 2000 pairs of this worldwide! The boot features a pair of mythical dragons placed in the context of Japan’s modern sci-fi culture. It is created by the legendary Japanese fashion designer Taishi Hayashi. #tbh, it is great art (debatable), maybe just not on a football boot…

Price: Estimated to be around RM 1,100

Credit: Soccerpro

2.Kelme Swarovski Boots

Kelme is known for producing luxurious football boots (they’ve produced boots using shark leather in the past) but we think they went overboard with the Swarovski boots. Are you going to be able to play your best if you know you might drop a stone or two of the precious Swarovski each time you tackle your opponent? Unless if you’re planning to just sit at the substitute’s bench throughout the game.

Price: Estimated to be around RM1,750

Credit: Truebraziltravel

3. Puma evoSPEED 1.2 Camo Pink/White

What do we even say about this? Firstly, why Puma…why?

Price: Estimated to be around RM 975

Credit: Pinterest

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4. Puma evoSPEED Camo 3D

Another Puma design, but let’s discuss this shall we? Probably designed to distract the opponent from the game, the unique three-dimensional pattern comes with a set of 3D glasses to allow the owner to appreciate the striking design.

Our tip: Bring that 3D glasses to your training pitch and pass it around so that everyone can appreciate your boot.

Price: N/A

Credit: Complex

5. Nike Mario Balotelli Custom Design

Only Balotelli fans could appreciate this boot. Inspired by you-know-who, the camouflage design is to match the Italian striker’s Range Rover. By the way, even Balotelli never wore these on the pitch.

Price: N/A

Credit: Nikeblog

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