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5 tips for perfect penalty kicks

Penalty kicks: It may look easy but it’s not. The pressure is on you. Find out how you can score the perfect penalty kick!

1. Believe in yourself

You’ve been given the opportunity to score a goal which means your team have full faith in you. Do not let your own thoughts bring you down. Also, remember to be in control of the situation. Place the ball on the penalty marker yourself and remove any clumps or rocks where you place the ball.

2. Kick with the inside of the foot

Take your shots with the inside of the foot as it gives more power and accuracy to your kick. Place your non-kicking foot a few inches to the side of the ball and this will offer you the best control. This method is perfect if you want the ball to stay on the ground. Some prefer the ball to go to the top corners. If this is the case then place your foot just behind the ball and lean over before kicking in.

3. Try the 45-degrees angle

Skilled players normally approach the ball at an angle of about 45 degrees. This is to make sure the ball is going at its maximum speed.

4. Don’t let the keeper get inside your head

Make up your mind and never change it last minute. Control your eye movement. Make sure you don’t give in to the keeper. Let him see you look at both posts but never look at the keeper again after that.

5. Best time to practice is immediately after training

Why? Because that’s when you’re tired after going hard on the field. Learn to focus when you’re tired.

6. Bonus!

Check out these cool penalty kicks techniques from known footballers.

Credit: Wrezzer

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