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5 oldest footballers in the world

On average, footballers start playing at the age of 18 until they are about 35-years-old. However these footballers on our list are still playing even when they are 52-years-old!

1.Kazuyoshi Miura

Simply known as Kazu, this legendary footballer is still playing as a forward for Yokohama FC in the J1 League at the age of 52. He currently holds the record for being the oldest footballer and oldest goalscorer in worldwide professional leagues! He started playing professionally at the age of 19 when he signed with Santos FC. He has played for Juventus-SP, Verdy Kawasaki and etc.

Credit: These Football Times

2.Stanley Matthews

Before Kazu held the record for being the oldest footballer in the world, Matthews was not only the oldest footballer but also one of England’s greatest footballers! He was also a loyal guy having spent 19 years playing for Stoke City before he went on to play for Blackpool and eventually returned back to Stoke City.

Credit: Transfermarkt

3.Andrea Pierobon

Pierobon stopped playing professionally at the age of 45, making him the oldest footballer in the history of Italian football. Pierobon was a goalkeeper who used to play for Cittadella, Venezia and Treviso.

Credit: Difesapopolo

4.Aleksandar Duric

Duric is an amazing striker who played for various football clubs in Singapore. The legendary footballer retired at the age of 44 but is still very much involved in the game as a coach.

Credit: Alchetron

5.Marco Ballotta

Ballota started his career in 1982 when he was just 18-years-old and retired when he was 43-years-old in 2008. Ballota played as a goalkeeper and forward throughout his 26-year career.

Credit: Sololalazio

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