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5 most iconic goals in football history: Part 1

We’ve compiled a list of the craziest goals in soccer history. Are your favourite players or teams on the list?

5. Zlatan Ibrahimovich (Sweden vs England)

Credit: berra86

In an international friendly match against England, Ibrahimovich made an overhead kick from 30 yards. We’re fully aware that overhead kicks are an absolute pleasure to behold but the skills shown by Ibrahimovich for this one is on a whole different level.

4. Pele (Santos vs Juventus)

Credit: Leo A

The legendary Pele was just 18-year-old when he stunned everybody with this impressive goal during a game between Santos and Juventus in 1959. Sadly, the goal was not filmed. With help from fans who were watching the game at the time, former teammates and opponents, a group of researchers and Naff Computer Simulation managed to immortalized the historical moment in an animated version.

3.David Beckham (Wimbledon vs Man United)

Credit: Matthew

In 1996 when Beckham had just started his journey in the industry, he performed an unforgettable move that shocked the world. Beckham’s team won the match and it is believed to have been his most iconic goal in ever.

2. Dennis Bergkamp (Arsenal vs Newcastle)

Credit: Newgodofwar

Everyone knows how good Bergkamp was. Let’s just watch the short clip.

1.Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid vs Tenerife)

Credit: RayperEnglish

Back in 1998, Carlos scored one of the best goals of his life. Carlos is definitely a gifted footballer, up till today no human can explain how the ball swerved that way during the match.

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