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5 moments where the referee stole the show

The referee is probably the most hated figure in football. Check out 5 moments where the referee stole the show.

1.Howard Webb

Webb is an English former referee who was in charge of the 2010 World Cup final between Spain and the Netherlands. The reason Webb is on our list is because he didn’t send off de Jong for a kung-fu kick on Xabi Alonso. In his book ‘the man in the middle’, he claimed that he didn’t see the incident.

Credit: Raymond Nixon

2. Bibiana Steinhaus

Another incident that took place sometime in 2010, Steinhaus received world attention when refereeing the Hertha Berlin VS Alemannia Aachen match in Germany. When Herta Berlin’s Peter Niemeyer tried to pat the female referee on the back, she suddenly moved and caused him to accidentally touch her right breast. Steinhaus gave Niemeyer a quizzical look.

Credit: Tyughjbnmw

3.Tony Chapron

Chapron was refereeing Nantes VS Paris Saint Germain back in 2018 when he was accidentally knocked over by Diego Carlos. He then kicked the defender and booked him for a second time. Chapron was suspended by the French Football Association due to the incident.

Credit: louis rascasse

4.Paul Alcock

This incident happened way back in 1998 when Sheffield Wednesday play against Arsenal. Di Canio was involved in a fight and Alcock sent him off but the Italian forward got really angry and pushed the poor referee. Di Canio was banned for eleven matches.


5.Mike Dean

#tbh, we don’t have any specific event in mind for including Dean in our list. He just always tries to hog the limelight in every game!


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