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5 habits that can ruin your football career

Admit it or not, Ronaldo’s habit of not smoking does affect his career; he is indeed one of the best footballers in the world right now. If you’re just building your football career, check out what could potentially derail you.


Faking injuries or simply giving the impression that a foul has been committed just so you can get free kicks or penalty kicks is not something you should ever be proud of. No matter how good of an actor you think you are, you just can’t fool people all the time. Check out these world-class footballers who have committed the greatest sin in football, here.


Sexual harassment, racism, bullying other players, verbally or physically attacking the referee are forms of harassment commonly found in the football scene (we’re looking at you, Suarez). Stay away from any form of harassment if you want a successful career.

3.Removing clothes

Please, we know you’re happy for scoring a goal but refrain yourself from removing anything from your body. #nuffsaid

4. Smoking

Smoking will only hold you back. If you are already a smoker, quit now and your lung capacity will improve up to 30% in less than six months.

5.Spitting on the pitch

Don’t ever do it!

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