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5 goal celebrations that earned a red card

Sometimes footballers go overboard with their goal celebrations and end up getting booked by the referee. Check out the top 5 goal celebrations that earned a red card.

5. Wearing a mask

Credit: EllwoodsGamerTag

During Santos’ Copa Libertadores group stage match against Colo-Colo in 2011, Neymar Jr. was sent off for wearing a mask of his own face. He protested and caused chaotic scenes that led to four more red cards.

4.Running into the stands

Credit: Partner

Probably one of the funniest goal celebrations in history: Medi Dresevic celebrated his goal by running into the stands and applauding himself but the showy celebration turned sour after he was red-carded by the no-sense-of-humour-referee.

3.Chicken dance

Credit: FootballMania

After scoring a goal, Carlos Tevez entertained everybody at the stadium with his spontaneous shirtless chicken dance before being sent off.

2. Taking his shorts off

Credit: Area 24 Channel

Mario Gjurovski literally took off his pants and put them over the top of his head. The referee was not amused by his act and sent him off.

1.Showing his ass

Credit: Jiri Stadler

The craziest act on our list has to be this one. Dally Gbale exposed his bare ass to the opposition fans when he scored a goal which resulted in him being sent off.

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