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5 Funniest footballers of all time

Interviews and press conferences normally reveal details about your favourite footballers. Check out our list of the funniest footballers of all time!

1.David Luiz

Luiz has been on our list of the funniest interviews with footballers and he is also going to be on this list as well. Its simply because he is funny! He once pranked Di Maria when they were in Lisbon causing Di Maria to freak out but thank god the Paris Saint-Germain player understands Luiz’ dark sense of humour.

Credit: Coimbra Coimbra

2.Mario Balotelli

We’re not sure if he is just innocent or trying to be ‘funny’ in this incident that happened sometime in September 2010, when he had an accident in West Brom. During the investigation, Balotelli was asked why he had around RM20K protruding out of his back pocket? He simply answered, “because I’m rich”. #justwow

Credit: Daily Express

3.Peter Crouch

In an interview, Daily Mirror asked, “What would you be if you weren’t a footballer?” The recently retired footballer answered; “A virgin!”

Credit: Gamingzion

4. Jose Luis Chilavert

Another former footballer on our list, Chilavert was regarded as one of the best goalkeepers of his time. In an interview, he said “Right now good goalkeepers are going the same way as the dinosaurs. They’re an endangered species.”

Credit: Radiohuancavilca


Now a known politician in Brazil, Romario was a professional footballer back then. He announced his retirement in 2009. Check out this quote from the Brazilian forward as presented by; “The goal scorer always deserves some credit but not this time. The way I hit that, even my mother would have saved it.”

Credit: Planet Football

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