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5 funniest football parodies

Football and drama are becoming inseparable especially if it involves known clubs and famous footballers. We guarantee you’ll enjoy these hilarious parodies from the world of football!

1.Dear Manchester United, it’s not us, it’s you!

There’s no need for us to point out all of recent United’s failures. It seems like the Red Devils are going through their worst nightmare ever since 1989. They’ve only picked up 12 points from their 16 Premier League matches this season. In the 1989-90 season, they picked up 8 points and went on to finish 13th in the league. Maybe if they upped their game and started performing better, we’ll consider “getting back together”.

Credit: Dream Team

2. Manchester United, seriously you need to up your game!

Yes, it’s been 6 years more or less since United’s last incredible performance. However, they’ve won their last few games of this season (2019-20), so maybe things are going to get better soon. Hopefully.

Credit: Dream Team

3. Suarez biting history

This 3-minute video is everything you need to know about Suarez’s biting incidents. Suarez’s last chomp was in 2014 and let’s hope nothing like that ever happens again!

Credit: Goal

4.The biggest issue yet for the 2019-20 Premier League season: VAR

We couldn’t agree more with top-ranked British online news publication, The Independent, that VAR is football’s Brexit. Everybody wanted it but had no idea how it would affect the game. Check out how absurd the implementation of VAR is in this video.

Credit: Dream Team

5. What exactly are you thinking, Juergen Klopp

We love Klopp. He doesn’t make any sense sometimes but we really enjoy watching his interviews. This video shows how Klopp’s brain operates when he has to deal with reporters.

Credit: Dream Team

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