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5 footballers with great physiques

Having perfect abs and muscular arms are becoming a trend among footballers nowadays. Even though a great physique does not really affect the performance of a player, the training process and commitment to achieve it sure will have some impact on the game.

5.Oliver Giroud

Credit: footballstopten

Giroud is a forward for Chelsea and the French national team. Due to his amazing build, he did not hesitate to strip naked in 2013 for the Dieux du Stade, a French charity calendar featuring naked sportsmen. In 2015, Giroud was voted the ‘hottest premier League Player’.

4.James Rodriguez

Credit: Scoopnest

Rodriguez is not shy to flaunt his abs on social media. The Real Madrid and Colombia national team player takes his diet very seriously. Rodriguez claimed that he always packs his own food so that he doesn’t have to rely on airplane snacks and meals while traveling. Also, he never forgets to carry a water bottle everywhere he goes.

3.Alexis Sanchez

Credit: Healthyceleb

Sanchez is a Chilean professional footballer who plays for Manchester United and the Chile national team. Sanchez works hard to achieve his great physique. He started hitting the gym more intensely since he joined Manchester United January last year and also the last one to leave the pitch after training with his team. He would train an extra 30 minutes alone to keep up with his current team. Talk about dedication…

2.Cristiano Ronaldo

Credit: The Sun

No introduction needed, this world-class footballer is naturally lean but with his crazy work ethics and love for fitness, he manages to achieve and maintain a shredded body. Aside from training every day, Ronaldo admits that he has a proper diet plan. Check out his fitness secret here.

1.Luis Nani

Credit: Football Tweet

We put Nani on top of our list because let’s face the fact; Ronaldo maybe the best footballer in the world but Nani sure has a greater set of abs than Ronaldo. Nani constantly shares his workout routine and training on his Instagram.

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