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5 footballers with criminal records

Being an international footballer can put one in stressful situations as your every move is closely monitored… and that should be enough motivation for you not to do something stupid let alone commit crimes.  However, these 5 footballers didn’t really care about what the world has to say about them.

5.Adam Johnson

Credit: Getty

Crime: Three offences of sexual activity with a child under 16 and one of child grooming.

Punishment: Johnson was sentenced to six years in prison. After serving half of his sentence, the England and Sunderland former winger was released on 22 March 2019.

4. Robinho

Credit: Getty

Crime: Robinho was found guilty by an Italian court for raping an Albanian woman. Five of the player’s friends were also accused of the same crime.

Punishment: The former AC Milan and Real Madrid striker was sentenced to nine years in prison.

3.Breno Rodrigues

Credit: Getty

Crime: Rodrigues set his villa on fire and the damage was estimated to be €1.5 million.

Punishment: The former AC Milan and Real Madrid striker was sentenced to three years and nine months of prison.

2. Ruben Semedo


Crime: Semedo would stand a trial for an altercation in a bar in Valencia and later he was arrested again for tying up and assaulting a man in his home before going to the victim’s house to burgle it. He was charged with attempted murder.

Punishment: He spent 5 months in jail and paid bail of €30,000.

1.Bruno Fernandes

Credit: foottheball

Crime: Fernandes was found guilty for ordering the murder of a former girlfriend, who is also the mother of his son. He was also guilty for hiding and kidnapping their son.

Punishment: He spent almost 5 years in jail.

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