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5 footballers who were one man armies

Football is a team game where we all need to play our parts in order to emerge victorious. However, we’ve listed 5 incredible players who single-handedly destroyed their opponents!

1.Andrei Arshavin

Arshavin is a Russian former footballer and used to play for Kairat, Kuban Krasnodar, Arsenal and many more. On April 2009, he scored all four of Arsenal’s goals against Liverpool, which ended 4-4. He is also the sixth player in Premier League history to score four goals in an away match! He was named man of the match and continues to sting Liverpool fans till this day.

Credit: Azam Abdallah

2.Cristiano Ronaldo

No introduction needed right? In a match between Real Madrid and Wolfsburg in 2016, Real Madrid won 3-2 thanks to a hat trick from Ronaldo. In an interview with Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid’s coach, he said, “What can I say about Cristiano Ronaldo? He has shown again he is the best player in the world. He is a special player”.

Credit: Ardiansah

3.Lionel Messi

Representing Barcelona in a match against Arsenal in 2010, Messi scored four. Eventhough Arsenal were leading the game initially, Messi pulled off quite a trick and proved his talent to all who witnessed the game.

Credit: Khaja A.Sidiqi


In 2005, Ronaldinho stunned fans with his incredible performance in a match against Real Madrid. Barcelona won the match 3-0 and Ronaldinho received a standing ovation even from rival fans at the Santiago Bernabeu. Check out a short clip of the match below.

Credit: Nixblack

5.Robert Lewandowski

Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski scored five goals in nine minutes against Wolfsburg in 2015. He was presented with four Guinness World Records: the most goals by a substitute in the Bundesliga and the fastest hat-trick, four- and five-goal hauls in the German top flight!

Credit: Bundesliga

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