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5 footballers who managed their former club

Who else would know more about a club other than one its former players, right? They are one of the best people to manage the club. However, it does not always lead to success. Find out which footballers have managed their former club.

1.Diego Maradona: Argentina

Maradona was an incredible player during his playing years however when he took the role of a manager , he couldn’t live up to expectations. His bitter relationship with the media just made everything worse. In a live post-game press conference, Maradona told members of the media to “suck it and keep on sucking it”. FIFA gave him a two-month ban from all footballing activities. Since then his managerial career suffered a downward spiral.


2.Antonio Conte: Juventus

Conte is one of the most influential players in the history of Juventus. He played for the club from 1991 to 2004 and in 2011, he returned as manager of Juventus. He won the Panchina d’Oro for all three seasons as a manager before resigning in 2014.


3.Diego Simeone: Atletico Madrid

Simeone, also known as El Cholo, played as a midfielder for Atletico Madrid from 1994 to 1997. Pundits often praised him for his technique and passing. El cholo is currently the manager of Atletlico Madrid and has been so since 2011. So far, he has helped the club win La Liga, the Copa del Rey, two UEFA Europa Leagues, two UEFA Super Cups, and also led the team to a runners-up finish twice in the UEFA Champions League.

Credit: The New York Times

4.Kenny Dalglish: Liverpool

The 68-year-old legend made more than 355 appearances for Liverpool. In 1985, Dalglish became a player-manager of Liverpool and even received his third Manager of the Year award before he decided to resign.

Credit: Mn2s


5.Johan Cruyff: Barcelona

Cruyff was the one who introduced the famous ‘tiki-taka’ style of play and helped the club win La Liga for the first time! In 1988, Cruyff returned to Barcelona but as a manager. He was one of Barcelona’s most successful managers and helped the club win over 11 major trophies.

Credit: Dailypost

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