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5 footballers who have incredibly big hearts

Check out the list of most charitable footballers in the world!

1.Mesut Ozil

Via Mesut Ozil Instagram

When he was only 17-year-old, Ozil paid for a class trip for his friends to London with his first salary. As his career grew, Ozil was also awarded the Laureus Prize after he donated all of his winnings from the World Cup in 2014 to 23 children from Brazil who in desperate need of medical attention. If you think probably that’s the best Ozil can do, you’re wrong. On his wedding, which was not too long ago, Ozil announced that he and his newly wedded wife, Amine will bear the expenses for surgeries of 1000 children in need.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Via Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram

The Juventus star has a long list of charity contributions. In the past, he was involved in construction and rehabilitation work for an earthquake that hit Indonesia in 2005. He auctioned his 2013 Ballon d’Or trophy and raised £6 million which he donated to the Make A Wish foundation. Ronaldo doesn’t just donate money; he is also a regular blood donor, which explains his tattoo-free body.

3. Dirk Kuyt


Kuyt founded a charity to help disabled children in the Netherlands and other developing countries. In an interview, Kuyt stated that “I’m in a great position and the least you can do as a football player is to give back to the community and to the people who are always watching you. With my name in football, I can reach a lot of people and together we can do something great for all these children.”

4.Didier Drogba


Drogba plays an important role in bringing peace to the Ivory Coast after the five-year civil war. For that effort alone, he was listed in TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world in 2010. He also has his own foundation, the Didier Drogba foundation which is very active in Africa.

5.David Beckham

Credit: UNICEF

Beckham has been working with UNICEF, ‘Malaria No More ‘and also ‘Victoria and David Beckham charitable trust’ since his Manchester United days. He is also actively raising awareness for AIDS and atrocities against children.

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