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5 footballers who hated their manager

At some point in your life, you will have a disagreement with your manager or superior, be it whatever your profession and footballers are not excluded in this matter. Find out which footballers hated their manager.

1.Wayne Rooney and David Moyes

Rooney accused Moyes of passing details of a private conversation to the Liverpool Echo, a newspaper publisher, in his autobiography in 2006. Moyes later sued the publisher and won the case. He also stated that among the many reasons for his RM135 million move to Manchester United was due to his broken relationship with Moyes.

Credit: Daily Express

2.Nicholas Anelka and Raymond Domenech

During the 2010 World Cup, Anelka was sent home and given an 18-match ban after he refused to apologize for verbally abusing Domenech regarding his tactics. In protest of the incident, the French squad refused to train.

Credit: Sportskeeda

3.Carlos Tevez and Roberto Mancini

Tevez refused to play as a second-half substitute when his team was playing against Bayern Munich back in 2011. He was suspended and fined RM2,500,000 by Manchester City. When asked about Tevez, Mancini stated that,

 “It may not be my decision but if I’m deciding then, yes, he goes. For me, if a player earns a lot of money playing for Manchester City in the Champions League and he behaves like this – he cannot play again. Never. He has wanted to leave for the last two years. For two years I have helped him, and now he has refused to play. Never again.”

Credit: Abc

4.David Beckham and Alex Ferguson

Beckham needed two stitches on his eyebrow when Ferguson accidentally kicked a football boot at him in 2003. Beckham was so furious after the incident that he had to be restrained. Four months later, he was sold to Real Madrid.

Credit: FOX Sports Asia

5.Fernando Redondo and Daniel Passarella

Passarella made it clear to all his coaches that they are not allowed to have long hair, wear earrings and be involved in homosexual relationships. In 1998, Passarella insisted Redondo cut his hair but the footballer refused to do so and Redondo never played again under Hitler-Passarela.

Credit: Mundo Albiceleste

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