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5 footballers who committed suicide

Living a glamorous life and making tons of money doesn’t stop one from undergoing emotional and mental distress. Here is a list of footballers who tragically decided to end their own lives.

1.Hughie Ferguson (1898-2003)

Credit: The League Magazine

Ferguson is one of the seven men in the entire history of football and the Scottish Football Leagues to have achieved 350 or more league goals. Throughout his career, Ferguson achieved an average of 0.85 goals per game!

Having played for Motherwell FC, Cardiff City and Dundee, Ferguson suffered a back injury which severely affected his form. Unable to recover properly, he went into depression and committed suicide by gassing himself at Dens Park after a training session. The 34-year-old striker left behind his wife, Jessie and two children.

2. Hughie Gallacher (1903-1957)

Credit: FFT

Gallacher is a legend of his time. He played a total of 624 senior games for eight different clubs, scoring 463 goals in the process. He had excellent ball control, guile and instinct that distinguished him from other players. Gallacher was also a part of the Scottish team that defeated England 5-1 at Wembley in 1928.

Later, Gallacher departed for England, where he played major roles for Newcastle United and Chelsea. During this period of time, he faced several personal issues like bankruptcy and divorce. He also lost custody of his child due to an incident where he accidentally tossed a lamp at his son, while being under the influence of alcohol.

Before he walked in front of an express train and killed himself, he left a written note saying that he regretted what he had done.

3.Gary Speed (1969-2011)

Credit: Walesonline

Speed was a Welsh footballer and manager. He was known mainly by Leeds United fans as he helped the club to win its first division title. He also went on to play for Everton, Newcastle United, Bolton and Sheffield United.

Speed became the first player to make 500 Premier League appearances and his record of appearances was later overtaken by David James and Ryan Giggs. In 2011, after a day he had appeared on a TV show, he was found hanged in the garage of his home.

4. Robert Enke (1977-2009)

Credit: Playmakerstats

Enke was said to be one of the finest German goalkeepers. He played for Benfica, Barcelona and made an appearance in La Liga.

Enke committed suicide on 10 November 2009 by standing in front of a regional express train at a level crossing. Later it was revealed that he suffered from depression since the death of his daughter, Lara in 2006 who was born with a heart birth defect (hypoplastic left heart syndrome).

5. Dale Roberts (1986-2010)

Credit: Mirror

Roberts started his career as a goalkeeper for his native North East sides of Sunderland and Middlesbrough. He made his debut for England C against Malta in the 2009/10 season and played in all four England C games, getting voted England C player of the season in the process.

Despite all that, he died at the age of 24 in 2010 after he hung himself at his home. He was reportedly depressed due to his injury and the fact that his fiancée was having an affair with one of his teammates Paul Terry (brother of John Terry).

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