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5 craziest pitch invaders ever

It could be entertaining and annoying at the same time when pitch invasions happen. Check out some of the craziest pitch invasion incidents ever.

5. Animals

Credit: OWB TV

Cats, chicken and dogs are some of the animals that found fame after interrupting football matches. Remember when a black cat decided to make a special appearance at the Anfield pitch a few minutes before a match between Liverpool and Manchester United?

4. Parachute dude

Credit: John Rose Photography

This parachute invader literally dropped in from the sky. The crowd at the Salisbury city and Chester match in 2013 cheered on as a parachutist casually lands on the pitch and interrupts the match. Wrong place at the wrong time.

3. Fanatic fans

Credit: Amazing Everything

Sometimes crazy and probably drunk fans try to invade their favourite footballers’ match, and while a number of them were treated nicely by their ‘heroes’, others were not so well-received. Our favourite moment has to be when Messi gave a 15-year-old invader his jersey during a Barcelona and Malaga match in 2016.

2. Hot chicks

Credit: Compi

Hot chicks invading the pitch is not something new. Even during the recent Champions League final, a sexy female was seen strutting across the pitch of Wanda Metropolitano. She wore a revealing outfit with an advert on it and apparently, it’s a porn website launched by Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, her rumoured boyfriend. Crazy marketing stunt isn’t it?

1.Naked dude

Credit: MilesYT

This has to be the craziest invasion ever. In a friendly match between Everton and Leeds United, a guy decided to invade the pitch and run about in his birthday suit!

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