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5 coolest football tricks and their inventors

Check out which footballers are behind the legendary moves on this list.

1.The scorpion kick by Rene Higuita

Credit: Justin

Known for being one the craziest goalkeepers in football history, Higuita has created several unforgettable moves like the ‘sweeper-keeper’ and ‘Higuita law’, but our favourite has to be the ‘scorpion kick’- the player has to jump forward, positioning their legs over their head and parry the ball away with their heels.

2. The rainbow by Jay-Jay Okocha

Credit: Cazzagozza

In a match between Bolton and Arsenal back in 2003, Okocha received the ball from a corner seemingly ready to protect it but instead, he produced a beautiful rainbow flick over the opponent’s head before making a pass.

3. The Cruyff turn by Johan Cruyff

Credit: Roeboe

This move has to be one of the most evasive tricks in football. During the 1974 World Cup in Germany, Cruyff faked a pass before dragging the ball in the opposite direction leaving his opponent disappointed.

4. The Ronaldo chop by Cristiano Ronaldo

Credit: FootSquadra

Whiplash, the CR7 freestyle move, the Halo, and the Ronaldo Turn are some of Ronaldo’s signature moves, but we’re not going to talk about all that. One of Ronaldo’s most successful tricks is the Ronaldo chop. He uses the inside of either foot to move the ball inside the standing leg and then proceeds to go the opposite direction.

5. The seal dribble by Kerlon Souza

Credit: Tengku Elzafir

Kerlon is a former Brazilian midfielder. He is known for his trademark move named the seal dribble – a trick where the ball is bounced continuously on the forehead while running.

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