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5 best footballs to own in 2019

Footballs are not all made the same. There are many types of football for you to choose from and there are also several factors to consider before choosing one such as the material, size and the surface you’re going to play on. Check out 8 best footballs to buy in 2019.

5. Nivia Storm Football

Credit: Flipkart

It may not be the lightest ball on the market but it sure can increase your leg strength and since it is produced from premium quality material, it has extra durability. Some users claimed that the outer print of the ball may wear off but the quality remains intact.

4.Nike EPL strike soccer ball

Credit: Rebel

We love how the texture and casing of this ball. Nike claim that this ball can help to stabilize the ball flight and the 12-panel design will boost the overall functionality of the ball.

3.Adidas Manchester United Club Football

Credit: Ebay

Even if you’re not a fan of Manchester United, you still have to consider this football because the machine-stitched ball offers a soft touch and accurate response. Also, it offers high durability.  

2.Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

Credit: Cleats

As the name suggests, it does look like a traditional football, right? It is a perfect football for crossing and passing drills. Beginners might want to splurge on this ball!

1.Adidas 2018 World Cup Knockout Top Glider Soccer Ball

Credit: FIFA

Obviously one of the best on the market right now as it is officially licensed by FIFA. Made 100% of TPU which means it can be extremely flexible with long-lasting durability.

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