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5 absurd pre-game rituals: Part 1

Imagine the kind of pressure footballers have to face everytime they go on to the pitch…? So it’s no surprise that as an act of desperation some players would come up with absurd or creative (we’re trying to be positive) rituals in order to win a match.

1.Sergio Goycochea: The power of urine

The Argentinian former goalkeeper made it to the top of our list because he truly believes that if he urinates on the pitch before a game, luck will be on his side. #gross. The trick, however, didn’t work him at the 1990 World Cup final, as Argentina were defeated 0-1 by Germany.

Credit: Elpais

2. Manuel Neuer: The Midas of football and his ‘goal’ touch

The Bayern Munich and Germany national team captain has a weird routine where he thinks they’ll perform better if he touches both goal posts (his own team and opponents) before each match and again before the second half.

Credit: BCD Travel

3.Neymar Jr.: Prayer can change everything

Football fans are well aware that Neymar is a religious person. In an interview, he stated that “Life only makes sense when our highest ideal is to serve Christ”. Before every game, he would make it a must to pray with his father and he would also touch the grass with his hands before saying another prayer.

Credit: Reuters

4.France national team: Goalie kiss

Do you know that before playing, everyone on the French national team would line up to kiss their goalie’s head? This ritual was started by Laurent Blac who would kiss Fabien Barthez’s shaven head before every match. Eventually, once the team kept winning, other players started to believe in this weird ritual.

Credit: Mediamax Sport

5.Gerd Muller: If the shoe fits

The retired German striker insisted on wearing shoes three sizes bigger than his actual fit. He claimed that he could move faster and better that way. Contrary to that, Hans Ettmayer believed that one should always wear boots that are one size smaller than their actual fit. He claimed that boots are “condoms for your feet.”.

Credit: Bundesliga

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