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10 footballers who smoke

No doubt footballers treat their body like a temple. They really take their careers seriously and don’t associate themselves with anything that can affect their performance. However, some footballers have been caught smoking from time to time. Find out who’s on our list.

1.Lionel Messi

Yes! We’re in complete shock too. However, in his defence, he was spotted enjoying a cigarette while he was on holiday. His consistent performance on the pitch shuts all criticism related to smoking that has been thrown at him.

Credit: Sportswallah

2.Wojciech Szczesny

Following their defeat losing to Southampton, Arsenal player Szczesny was found smoking in the showers after the game. He was fined RM 150,000 for his actions!

Credit: Mirror

3.Wesley Sneijder

Sneijder has been spotted with a ciggie a few times, especially when he’s on vacations. Rumour has it that because of his bad habit, he didn’t become one of the best footballers in history. It’s sad because there was a period where it looked like the midfielder would go on to achieve far greater things in his career.

Credit: Daily Entertainment

4.Ashley Cole

Cole has been caught many times satisfying his nicotine cravings.

Credit: Mirror

5.Mario Balotelli

This controversy magnet is not sorry that he’s addicted to nicotine and he has been spotted lighting up cigarettes from time to time.

Credit: The Telegraph

6.Wayne Rooney

Idolised by many, this English player has been spotted enjoying a ciggie every now and then.

Credit: Reddit

7.Gerrard Pique

Pique was seen celebrating Spain’s World Cup 2010 triumph by lighting up a cigar.

Credit: FC Barcelona

8.Mesut Ozil

Ozil is constantly caught with a cigarette in his hand.

Credit: Libertaddigital

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