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Tomb Raider can’t knock Spidey off his perch

Media Create has released its sales data for the week 37 of 2018 (Sep. 10 – 16), and Spider-Man continues to dominate despite the launch of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which clocked in runner-up. Hardware sales data highlights Nintendo Switch’s continued strong performance over Sony’s PS4 in the region.

Spider-Man debuted at number one spot in Japan last week, recording a whopping 185,000 sales in its first week. We noted at the time how impressive that was compared to God of War –Sony’s fastest-selling exclusive this generation– which recorded 46,000. Once again, Spider-Man’s immense popularity is confirmed with a second week that also doubles God of War’s launch week in Japan.

Looking at the best-selling titles in the region by the console, the Nintendo Switch accounts for 11 games on the list, PS4 7, and the Nintendo 3DS 2. As always, Nintendo’s resurgence is seen most obviously when looking at Japanese data. That said, the console recently took out the best-selling console in the US as well, according to the NPD report.

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